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An American Brokerage and Banking Company already had Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) installed, but it wasn’t running properly. The company was receiving hundreds of false positives a day that led to wasted time and reports that didn’t reflect the latest security trends.

The Customer's Challenge

Getting DLP fully deployed and tuning it to run optimally can be a daunting task. Understanding and setting up effective monitoring can be overwhelming without the right security experts to help walk you through the steps. DataEndure offered the expertise and know-how to help the American Brokerage and Banking Company get their DLP solution up to speed to help save the company time, eliminate false positives, and protect their reputation with a more thorough and up-to-date report.

How DataEndure helped

DataEndure employees have deep knowledge of Symantec products, and that knowledge helps our customers run their solutions in the best ways possible. After checking on the DLP solution, DataEndure discovered that the customer had too many policies and false positives that were contributing to monitoring alert overload. The number of alerts coming in was too high to realistically deal with, and the company didn’t have a complete view of their security environment.

DataEndure ran a policy assessment and tuning engagement to help remediate these issues. With our knowledge of Symantec DLP, we were able to rewrite policies in the solution to better reflect what the company cares about when it comes to security. This took the daunting task of deploying and tuning the DLP solution off the customer’s shoulders.

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Ability to see where sensitive data is stored and confirm that it’s secure
Elimination of false positives leading to increased efficiency in company policies
Reputation protection with the assurance that threats are being handled

The Benefit

By partnering with DataEndure, an American Brokerage and Banking Company was able to eliminate the false positives that were overloading their DLP solution. These false positives were wasting time and money and creating an obscured view of the security environment.

DataEndure employees have the knowledge and expertise to make sure your solutions are performing at their peak capacity. The American Brokerage and Banking Company already had DLP installed but wasn’t using the solution correctly, leading to wasted time and money. After DataEndure eliminated the false positives and rewrote the company’s policies, the company able to gain a better understanding of their environment. Their policies now reflect what current security executives care about today, and not what was thought to be relevant years ago.

Make sure your solutions are running optimally

DataEndure’s diagnostics, policy assessment, and tuning engagement brought the solution up-to-date and ensured a better security solution for the company. DataEndure works across storage, information management, security, and datacenter infrastructure and can make sure your solutions are running optimally as well.


Enable continuous risk reduction with Symantec DLP

Symantec DLP offers a comprehensive workflow to help reduce risk across departments. DLP delivers the highest level of risk reduction and helps security teams enable the business side by educating employees, fixing broken business processes, and supporting business activity to occur securely