Key Responsibilities:

The Technical Account Manager is responsible for managing the ongoing support to customers to confirm that they continue to make effective use of products. They monitor support requests to identify and recurring issues and may recommend changes to products. They hold regular review meetings with customers to discuss any issues or problems and provide reports to the other members of the account team. The TAM analyzes customers’ support requirements and identifies areas where the company can offer improved service or reduce support costs.

Pre-Sales Support: Technical Account Managers play an important role in winning sales. They are responsible for analyzing prospects’ business and technical requirements and developing solutions that meet those needs. In some cases they may work with product development teams and vendors to customize products for individual customers. They also demonstrate products to customers and explain how the proposed product or solution meets the customers’ needs.

Post-Sales Support: When customers have agreed to purchase a product, Technical Account Managers identify the services and support customers will need to make effective and productive use of products. They require project management skills to put together installation programs that minimize disruption for customers. They may also arrange training for customers’ users. Technical Account Managers monitor the progress of product installations to ensure that they are successful.


A Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or computer science is preferred. TAM’s also need experience in technical support, project management, technical sales and consultancy. In addition to excellent product and technical knowledge, they must have good interpersonal and communication skills to build effective relationships with customers and with other members of the account team.


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