The Guide to Comprehensive

Data Center Practices for Healthcare Providers

Are you deciding whether or not to outsource your data management?

The global shift towards digitization has propelled us into a world of opportunity and threat. Managing your own data is no longer advisable and may even increase your risk. The good news is that the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, along with maturing connectivity, enables partnerships that can yield cost savings and peace of mind— and minimize your risk exposure.

Did you know...

The 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Rule modified HIPAA to allow healthcare providers to outsource their data management with mitigated exposure

Data-Center-Practices-Healthcare.pngOur eBook, The Comprehensive Guide to Data Center Practices for Healthcare Providers, will illustrate:

  • Why you need to be aware of HIPAA & your BAA
  • The choices between a shared or dedicated server
  • Why your bandwidth and transfer speed needs are critical components when considering offsite data storage.
  • What kind of uptime does the data center guarantee?
  • and more...

Also, See How...

Utilizing IaaS can have far-reaching benefits: lower costs, greater data accessibility, ample scalability and improved compliance and security. Choosing the right data center partner can not only help achieve these benefits, but also frees time and resources for innovation and strategic healthcare IT initiatives.

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