Deploy a hybrid email retention solution to reduce litigation risks


BioMarin required a two-year email retention solution, and their current setup wasn’t getting the job done. BioMarin was using Mimosa for email retention, and it wouldn’t allow BioMarin users to delete emails. With emails piling up and not archived properly, BioMarin was vulnerable to unnecessary litigation risks that could lead to expensive consequences.


The Customer's Challenge

BioMarin was looking at EMC’s SourceOne, an on-premise solution, as well as DataEndure’s recommendation of Veritas Enterprise Vault and Enterprise EMC was willing to give BioMarin the software for free if they purchased the storage needed for the new archive target as well.

How DataEndure helped

DataEndure proposed utilizing both an on-premise and cloud solution together. This hybrid solution would give BioMarin the cost-saving benefits of the cloud with on-prem performance and security benefits. DataEndure also bundled Veritas Email to replace BioMarin’s current security solution and provide virus and spam protection.

DataEndure accurately presented the two solutions side-by-side to help BioMarin make an informed decision. DataEndure’s expertise regarding a wide variety of information management solutions helped BioMarin find the right email archiving solution with the added bonus of increased security.

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Reduced litigation risks—BioMarin can now delete emails as needed
Anti-virus and anti-spam on the cloud—DataEndure bundled Veritas Email with the recommended solution
No additional storage—EMC’s proposed solution required additional storage while DataEndure’s did not

The Benefit

BioMarin received the two-year email retention solution they needed without having to purchase additional storage. Although EMC was willing to throw their software in for free, the cost of the storage that BioMarin would’ve needed would add up. It would also require the installation of that storage. DataEndure’s hybrid solution reduced the number of products that needed to be installed and led to a cloud-based solution that can easily scale with the company.

DataEndure also bundled in Veritas Email to provide BioMarin with anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Email also enables BioMarin with content control and email continuity features to help them manage their email and avoid litigation risks that they were susceptible to with their previous solution.

BioMarin’s new solution provides email retention as well as security

The diagram shows how DataEndure’s proposed solution gives BioMarin the email retention they need as well as added security features.