Migrate email archiving to the cloud to lower TCO and reduce time spent on archive management


Polycom has 4,500 users globally, and they generate 100 gigabytes of messages each week that need to be archived. Over six years, this resulted in 50 terabytes of archived messages, and the company had only six weeks of archive capacity left. A substantial upgrade was needed.


The Customer's Challenge

DataEndure understood that companies with aging infrastructure, on-premise archiving, and limited staff can experience substantial savings by moving their email archive to the cloud. Polycom met these characteristics and was new to email archiving as well. They wanted a worry-free approach to archiving and sufficient headroom for archive capacity.

How DataEndure helped

DataEndure recommended that Polycom migrate from on-premise Symantec Enterprise Vault to Symantec Enterprise Enterprise is a cloud-based archiving service that requires no hardware, software, or client plug-ins on premises. DataEndure showed Polycom that the move would save $2.5 million in total cost of ownership (TCO) over five years, a reduction of 50%.

DataEndure’s expertise regarding a wide variety of information management solutions helped Polycom find the perfect fit for their needs. Polycom experienced millions of dollars in savings along with immediate productivity and management benefits as well. The user experience within Polycom was also improved as users experienced faster upgrade and replications, leading to less downtime.

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reduction in TCO—$2.5M saved over 5 years.


reduction in archive management—freed up two IT staff members for more valuable work.

Relief from the need to process, store, or back up 50 to 60 terabytes of email data
Faster Exchange upgrades, email replication, and backups

The Benefit

By partnering with DataEndure, Polycom achieved far more than just a reduced total cost of ownership. With their new cloud solution, Polycom experienced faster upgrades and replications that led to a better overall user experience.

DataEndure went a step further and showed Polycom that with the money they saved they could take advantage of additional cloud services. Solutions like Symantec Email brought Polycom an affordable standby email failover system. Symantec Email filters unwanted messages and protects mailboxes from targeted attacks. Finally, Symantec Enterprise Vault provided Polycom’s legal team and outside counsel with role-based access to archived information to expedite the eDiscovery process.

Enterprise cuts TCO in half over five years

Companies with on-premise archiving solutions, limited staff, and aging infrastructure can experience the same types of savings by switching to a cloud-based email archiving solution.