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DataEndure Appoints Kirstin Burke Chief Marketing Officer

Zack Fanning | November 20, 2018

DataEndure, a technology integrator and solution provider that helps companies build and maintain digital resilience, congratulates Kirstin Burke, recently promoted to Chief Marketing Officer. The move is a key part of the company’s broader..

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Actifio and DataEndure Announce New Alliance, Expand Digital Resilience Efforts

Zack Fanning | November 06, 2018

WALTHAM, Mass. – November 6, 2018 -- Actifio, the world’s leading enterprise Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) software provider, today announced a new strategic alliance with DataEndure, a leading integrator of data management and protection solutions...

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DataEndure chosen by CIOReview as Company of the Year for its Storage Edition

Zack Fanning | September 19, 2018

The industry is witnessing an astronomical growth in storage, as companies hoard more data than ever before. This transformation has been largely propelled by the widespread belief that the worst thing you can do with a piece of data is to throw it..

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