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Veritas announces DataEndure as their 2017 Regional Partner of the Year for North America

Dina Tzonev | September 26, 2017

We are excited to announce that at the 2017 Vision Conference, Veritas announced DataEndure as their 2017 Regional Partner of the Year for North America. We at DataEndure are thrilled to receive IMG_1288.jpg

this award, and it shows how hard we’ve all worked to reach this point. This award is given out to the most valuable regional Veritas partner in North America, and this year that’s DataEndure!

“We’re honored to be awarded the Veritas North American Regional Partner of the Year,” said Kurt Klein, CEO of DataEndure, “We’ve worked hard to build this partnership and we look forward to continuing it for a long time.”

DataEndure is a Veritas Platinum Partner and has achieved that level due to significant expertise and market presence in areas that are strategic for Veritas. These areas include information governance,information availability, and backup and recovery. DataEndure continues to offer strategic services around Veritas solutions, including their new 360 Data Management portfolio.

We help customers build and maintain digital resilience with Veritas solutions by providing customers with better visibility into critical data to reduce the risk of sensitive information leaking while improving information management efficiency and effectiveness. This is something we have been doing with Veritas for a long time, and we look forward to continuing this partnership.

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About DataEndure

DataEndure helps companies build digital resilience so that their critical information assets are protected and available to the right people, at the right time. We take a holistic approach in architecting and delivering a data management and protection strategy designed to simplify enterprise environments and accomplish specific customer goals. 

For more than 35 years, DataEndure has served industry leaders such as Cisco, Apple, Google, Renown Health, Chevron, County of Santa Cruz and Yahoo, plus others in healthcare, financial services, and technology. Partnering with DataEndure enables our clients to better manage their IT risks, respond well when assets are threatened, and protect and access critical information wherever it resides.

About Veritas

Veritas enables organizations to identify, protect, and manage data, with solutions designed to serve the world’s largest and most complex heterogeneous environments. Veritas offers industry-leading solutions that cover all platforms with backup and recovery, business continuity, software-defined storage, and information governance. For more information, go to