Move beyond securing data, become digitally resilient

DataEndure helps companies build digital resilience so that their critical information assets are protected and available to the right people at the right time. As companies transform into digital businesses, they have more IT activity and face a higher frequency of attacks from sophisticated digital adversaries. We help our customers design and deploy an infrastructure that delivers differentiated protection for critical assets.

With DataEndure, companies will find the right combination of infrastructure, information technology solutions and services to secure their digital assets and increase their ability to get back to business as usual when an attack occurs. We can deploy secure backup, replication, and disaster recovery solutions to help meet regulatory and governance requirements. We help our customers create an effective data protection strategy and simplify the migration of data and workloads as well.


how we do it

DataEndure takes a holistic approach to architecting and delivering enterprise technology solutions, data management and protection strategies. Our customers have access to a complete portfolio of cybersecurity, storage, information management, and datacenter infrastructure solutions to help build digital resilience.

We leverage the relationship between integrated and interoperable products and design custom solutions to simplify enterprise environments and solve our customers’ specific business problems.


DataEndure's customers are better able to manage their IT risks, respond well when digital assets are threatened, and protect and access their critical company information wherever it resides.

With DataEndure, customers can increase operational efficiency, take advantage of secure and reliable storage, keep operations up and running, and implement an effective data protection strategy.

DataEndure helped Solis Mammography by replacing their multiple storage products with a singe, easy-to-manage, solution to help enhance efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. 
DataEndure helped Renown Health save $525,000 and meet an important email migration deadline.
DataEndure helped SanDisk replace an authentication solution and reduce costs by 50%.
By implementing NetApp, DataEndure was able to reduce the county’s TCO by 50%.
Polycom saved $2.5M over 5 years due to DataEndure's implementation of Enterprise
DataEndure created a custom datacenter solution for Yahoo’s Chicken Coop.


See the full breadth of solutions that DataEndure offers and find the right one to help you accomplish your business goals.