The ability to discover new and important insights is essential for a business to compete and thrive. What might your data uncover?

Data has rapidly become the most valuable currency in today's enterprise

Most businesses will confess that while they have access to huge amounts of pivotal consumer and company data, they still struggle to extract meaningful business insights. In fact, recent data from Square Root showed that despite spending up to 20 hours per week collecting, analyzing and reporting on data, nearly one in three companies fail to benefit from their collected data.

DataEndure’s Data Science practice helps organizations analyze machine data and derive meaningful insights to optimize business outcomes.


You Don’t Need To Be a Data Scientist


Splunk Screenshot

Splunk is more than just another tool in your IT toolbox – Splunk is a universal machine data platform that gives you the opportunity to become real-time, data-driven decision makers. And there are thousands of real world, documented customer experiences: IT troubleshooting time reduced by up to 90%, security incident detection and triage up to 70% faster, app development time-to-market cut by 50%.

Has your Splunk experience reflected this success? Has your organization fully realized the value it was expecting?

DataEndure can help you avoid common mismanagement pitfalls that can have performance, financial and end-user impact. In all, DataEndure can help you realize higher value with a simultaneous lower TCO (total cost of ownership) – even after the money that is spent on Splunk consulting services.

What is Machine Data?

Machine data is everywhere. It is created by everything from planes and elevators to traffic lights and fitness-monitoring devices. Machine data intersects with and improves human lives in countless ways every day. Watch this simple animated video to find out just some of the amazing ways that machine data is helping to make a difference.

Calculate the estimated cost of critical IT incidents to your business and discover how you stack up against your peers when it comes to incident management. 


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