Companies want to streamline information management processes to get better visibility on critical data and how it moves through the organization throughout its lifecycle.

We offer our customers datacenter infrastructure deployment, consulting, and migration services around infrastructure. DataEndure helps its customers simplify the migration of data and workloads to the cloud.

Companies can also choose to virtualize these components, and DataEndure can provide reporting and analytics for virtual environments and cost comparisons for on-prem vs. the cloud.

This enables our customers to meet their infrastructure needs through datacenter solutions that reduce costs, improve productivity, and incorporate evolving workloads.

How dataendure can help

House servers and other equipment with minimal cabling, forming the backbone of the datacenter infrastructure.
Racks and aisle containment
Accommodate storage and cabling for routers, switches, and other network gear and facilitate equipment airflow within a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration.
Power management solutions reduce downtime, facilitate capacity planning, improve energy utilization, and drive efficiency.
Offer simplified IT management with a homogenous approach to datacenter infrastructure.
Routing and switching
Enhance capacity while maximizing datacenter network investments with Cisco and Brocade.
Servers and blades
Adapt to evolving workloads with scalable, manageable, and flexible blade servers.
Load balancing
Support multi-application protocols, firewall, web, and infrastructure traffic.
Converged and hyper-converged compute
Natively converge compute, storage, and virtualization into a turnkey hyper-converged solution to simplify end-to-end management.
Balance performance and cost, lowering TCO by virtualizing server infrastructures from individual silos to consolidated logical views.

DAMAC Overview

Servers and cabinets are integral to innovative datacenters. Take a look in the DAMAC workshop and see how they make custom products for their customers.

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