Companies want to create value through secure backup and data storage solutions and meet regulatory and governance requirements with replication and disaster recovery solutions.

To do this, they need a comprehensive business continuity strategy to keep operations running, and intelligent tiering to deliver against performance, cost, and archiving requirements.

DataEndure offers its customers unparalleled expertise in secure and reliable data storage management, storage virtualization, and effective data protection strategies, plus the benefits of flash and managed services for backup and recovery.

We can help you architect, upgrade, automate, and tune the performance of your backup and recovery solutions. DataEndure enables you to design and implement the right business continuity and data recovery solutions for your specific needs.

How dataendure can help

Storage consolidation, modernization, and management
Design and build custom, secure storage solutions that create a transitional path from siloed, legacy solutions to modern datacenter storage solutions.
Storage infrastructure testing and validation
Achieve performance, configuration, and optimization goals in complex, multi-vendor, multi-use case environments.
Data migration
Perform hardware refreshes and migrations from legacy environments and older app environments and transition and normalize data from disparate storage silos to a uniform environment.
New, expanded, modernized BUR architecture
Architect, upgrade, automate, and tune the performance of backup and recovery solutions.
BC and DR planning, architecture and infrastructure, virtualization
Reduce the risk of disruption and loss of information with sensible business continuity and IT recovery solutions.
DR exercise assistance
Define and roll out a roadmap/runbook to audit the DR environment and exercise and enhance BC and DR capabilities and support the process of disaster simulation.
Remediation of failing DR environments
Take advantage of real-time DR testing and failover with problem identification in DR plans and continual testing for new hardware in order to maintain RPOs and RTOs.
Flash for high-performance applications
Including VDI, virtualization, and databases.
Tiered storage to the cloud
Services to help with architecting storage on-prem and automated, policy-based migration and tiering to move data to the cloud securely.
Managed services for backup and recovery
Services to enable automated remediation and increase backup success rates to best in class and enable successful audits.


Archiving can save you a lot of money.  Calculate your savings with Quantum’s ROI calculator.

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Santa Cruz County’s tight budgets and aging EMC storage made upgrading a challenge. Dataendure advised the county to implement NetApp, leading to greater scalability and a 50% reduction in TCO and easy scalability.