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A Multinational Media and Technology Company wanted to build a next generation datacenter that utilized a modular aisle containment and tracking system that leveraged outside air to cool the data center. This would enable the company to run the datacenter at higher temperatures throughout the year. 

The Customer's Challenge

This solution, like most datacenter infrastructures, was a unique design that had never been done before. DataEndure partnered with the company to create a custom solution that worked with the company’s theories on airflow and cooling to create this unique infrastructure.

How DataEndure helped

DataEndure, DAMAC, and Server Technology came together to create an allencompassing datacenter solution for the Multinational Media and Technology Company. DataEndure designed and provided a datacenter solution that included non-standard bending metal, a custom solution for airflow, electrical, custom cabinets to maximize floor space, and aisle containment to manage hot and cold airflow.

DataEndure has the experience and relationships with best-in-class data center builders that enable us to know your data center needs and how to address them. Every customer’s need is unique, from the size to the shape to the components. DataEndure is an expert in this industry and can help you design the datacenter infrastructure that will work best for your specific needs.

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Won an award for datacenter efficiency
Decreased costs by cooling the datacenter with outside air
Decreased power consumption due to the unique cooling mechanism

The Benefit

By partnering with DataEndure, this Multinational Media and Technology Company was able to create the datacenter that matched their unique needs and design. The company experienced award-winning efficiency, decreased costs, and decreased power consumption.

Confidence is another benefit the customer received. The confidence to design the datacenter solution they wanted because DataEndure is able to execute on those unique designs due to our experience in the area. With such unique needs for each datacenter, it can be difficult to find a partner to help design exactly what you want, but DataEndure is that partner.

Datacenter infrastructure knowledge and expertise

Every datacenter design is unique. Companies will always have their own theories about airflow and how to best cool their datacenter. DataEndure has the experience and relationships with prolific partners in the space to supply whatever it is you design. Working with the Multinational Media and Technology Company proved that we could provide an award-winning datacenter infrastructure on a tremendous scale. DataEndure can also take that knowledge and apply it to your datacenter needs, no matter the size.


Hot-aisle containment vs. cold-aisle containment

DataEndure partners with DAMAC to provide customers with best-in-class aisle containment.