Sept 2023 TECH Talk – MGM Breach: Preparing for the Inevitable

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Sept 2023 TECH Talk – MGM Breach: Preparing for the Inevitable

The MGM breach serves as a wake-up call for all organizations. If they can be breached, anyone can be breached. Back in the day, cybercriminals had to get their hands dirty—literally. They'd go dumpster diving for sensitive documents and information. Fast forward to today, and social networks have become the new treasure trove. In the […]

August 2023 TECH Talk – Small Steps, Big Protection: Crafting Your Cybersecurity Roadmap

There’s an expectation today that companies will serve as a guardian of confidential data as part of doing business. As cyberattacks increase in volume and sophistication, waiting for a compelling event to bolster your security strategy is a risky gamble. Join us as we delve into how to build a cybersecurity strategy in manageable, incremental […]

July 2023 TECH Talk – Unintentional Insider Threat: Is ChatGPT a Friend or Foe?

In this month’s TECH Talk, we’ll address the critical concern of unintentional business threats arising from employees putting sensitive company information into ChatGPT's Large Language Model (LLM). While ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for various tasks, the potential risks of exposing confidential data, data breaches, and compromised security cannot be ignored. Join us as […]

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