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Does Your Cloud Journey Feel Like an Episode of Survivor?

Shahin Pirooz | Jul 16, 2018 10:04:24 AM

You're not alone! In a recent Forbes article "Why The Cloud Is A Risky Business", the author points out the complexities and struggles many companies face in their cloud transformation journey.  The numbers speak for themselves – 77% of enterprises are thinking about making the jump to the cloud. 

The reality is businesses and vendors are traveling this road together, all inspired by the promises of this "brave new world".  While the destination is promising, the path is fraught with ups and downs. Having an experienced guide is critical to knowing when to press forward, when to take on or offload supplies and when to adjust course.

DataEndure's Cloud Maturity Model serves as a critical first step in helping organizations understand where they are today, in order to clearly map out what it will take to reach their destination.


Level 1
Backup in the Cloud: Companies move away from tape backup and begin backing up to the cloud.

Level 2
Archive & Storage: Companies are still using the cloud for archiving, but not yet for production.

Level 3
Compute in the Cloud: Migration begins. Companies begin moving databases and Virtual Machines to the cloud.

Level 4
Database in the Cloud: Digital transformation begins. Companies consume cloud-native databases.

Level 5
Full digital transformation: Companies begin building applications that are cloud-native.

Regardless of where you are in your cloud maturity journey, DataEndure can help you migrate to the cloud by:

  • evaluating your current enterprise workloads
  • navigating the best cloud services for your business needs
  • helping you implement solutions

We'd love to continue the Cloud conversation and discuss where you are on the journey.

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