DataEndure works with companies large and small to provide holistic and customized IT solutions that deliver against specific business outcomes and build digital resilience.

With experience in fields including healthcare and financial services, DataEndure can provide the right, customized business technology solutions to help meet your specific, industry-related goals.



In today’s highly regulated and ever-changing healthcare environment, providing safer care has never been more critical. Healthcare is the most attacked industry for ransomware and compliance requirements with regards to data management and patient privacy are constantly evolving. Your healthcare organization requires massive storage for images and unstructured data. You have complex software environments with many point products to manage and there is zero tolerance for being down.  

But breaches happen, downtime is almost unavoidable, and security isn’t always enough. At that point it’s all about how fast you can get up and running again. It’s all about being digitally resilient.

At DataEndure, we help organizations build and maintain digital resilience that can help you respond faster in an event, minimize damage from a breach, and keep the lights on. We provide innovative storage solutions to help you manage, share, and secure petabytes of patient data and comply with regulations.

Protect your
healthcare data

Effective data management and protection is the lifeblood of a healthy IT environment. See why healthcare IT is due for an upgrade, and how dataendure can help

DataEndure helped Solis Mammography by replacing their multiple storage products with a singe, easy-to-manage, solution to help enhance efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. 



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Most state and local government agencies suffer from insufficient IT resources and security expertise., They are also challenged by a diversity of systems, making them easy targets for attackers. Protecting information and keeping it available at all times is becoming more difficult but also mission critical for most. There is an urgent need to better manage data, whether it be on premises or in the cloud, so that it is accessible to an increasingly mobile workforce and available to be used for better decision-making through analytics and new applications.

State and local agencies typically deal with a lot of citizen data that must be protected and appropriately accessed. At the same time, not every piece of data needs to be protected equally, as that would lead to increased costs. Government agencies need a partner that can help them walk through the many security and data management solutions and options available, and find the right answer for their specific needs.

DataEndure helps organizations build and maintain digital resilience by managing and protecting data while reducing costs and maximizing operational efficiency. Our customers trust us to accomplish their specific business or mission outcomes and provide them with the right solutions to meet their needs. 


DataEndure helped the County of Santa Cruz optimize its network, gain visibility into its virtual environment, and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. 



Social Media companies require massive amounts of storage, top-of-the-line security, and strong data management strategies to function. The top social media companies have millions of users with private data that needs to be secured and accessed instantaneously. A breach can happen at any time, and these companies need to be ready to not only protect against the attack but also bounce back from it quickly.

DataEndure helps companies like Facebook and Yahoo build digital resilience with data management and protection strategies built in a holistic way. We offer a complete portfolio of cybersecurity, storage, information management, and datacenter infrastructure solutions to help Social Media companies make sure critical information is protected and available.




Breaches happen. Even the biggest technology companies can face unplanned downtime and severe losses when targeted attacks occur. It’s not enough to attempt to predict and detect these attacks. Companies must be able to respond well when information assets are threatened and get back to business as usual when an attack does occur.

Dataendure helps technology companies like SanDisk, Atmel, and KLA manage risk and reduce cost while maximizing cybersecurity effectiveness and operational efficiency. Our customers accomplish their business outcomes and simplify their enterprise environments with the right security, storage, information management, and datacenter infrastructure solutions.

DataEndure helped a Semiconductor Equipment Company upgrade to flash storage for the cost of a one-year maintenance renewal of an existing disk storage array.