Companies want to manage risk and reduce cost while maximizing cybersecurity effectiveness and operational efficiency. 

To do this, they need to design and deploy infrastructure that prioritizes the protection of critical assets.

DataEndure offers its customers strategic IT security solutions, aimed at delivering high-value operational intelligence tailored to our customers’ specific environments, leveraging best-in-class products as well as services built around current and emerging security standards.

We help our customers identify and protect exposed assets and better understand and control information while integrating cybersecurity throughout the enterprise.

Security Areas of Expertise

Vulnerability Assessment

Discover vulnerabilities on systems in your environment to better track patch management processes and determine weaknesses across your security architecture.

Penetration testing

Simulate an attack on your environment utilizing a team of world class security engineers to test your resilience to cyber attacks and meet compliance requirements.

Governance, Risk, And Compliance

Maintain and manage compliance with your internal policies as well as external regulation. Assess corporate risks while balancing security with agility.

incident Response

Engage emergency incident response teams to help you recover quickly from a breach.

Forensic services

Evaluate designated systems in your environment to collect forensically sound evidence for use in court.

How dataendure can help

Maintain data integrity, in flight and at rest, to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance.
Next-Generation Security Controls
Integrate cutting-edge technologies with your existing infrastructure to further expand the digital resiliency of your critical assets.
Advanced Threat Intelligence

Arm your security team with the actionable insight they need to protect your business

Operational Insight Platforms

Gain insight into your organization.  How is it using data, where is that data going, how are your applications performing.

Data-Loss Prevention
Discover where sensitive data is stored across your organization, whether it’s on-prem, in mobile devices, or in the cloud, and monitor how it’s being used and how it moves throughout your organization. Ensure your sensitive data is being handled correctly and protect it from being leaked or stolen.
Identity Management
Ensure the right people, and only the right people, are accessing your critical content and services.
Mobile Device Security
Secure corporate data on personal or corporate-owned devices across popular mobile platforms.
SSL Decryption

Expose SSL traffic as it moves through your environment.  Make policy based decisions on what to do with that traffic.


Breaches are inevitable. Being able to recover and get back to work has never been more important.

Watch the video to see how DataEndure can reduce the time from breach to getting back to business with CrowdStrike solutions.

DataEndure demonstrated how Symantec’s VIP solution was simpler and would cost less than SanDisk’s current RSA solution. The switch resulted in a projected 50% cost reduction and an 80% reduction in help desk calls related to authentication.