Upgrade to flash for the cost of a one-year maintenance renewal on an existing disk storage array


A Semiconductor Equipment Company had an aging EMC spinning-disk storage array that was coming up on its maintenance renewal. With the high cost of maintenance renewal, the company was thinking about buying a new EMC VMAX array bundled with 3 years of maintenance

The Customer's Challenge

That solution would also require migrating all of their data off their existing VMAX Array onto a new array in a disruptive forklift upgrade. With a constant renewal and migration cycle the norm, the CIO decided to see what else could be done to meet the company’s storage needs.

How DataEndure helped

DataEndure advised the Semiconductor Equipment Company to evaluate a Pure Storage flash array that would be less expensive and higher in performance and included three years of maintenance. This meant that the Semiconductor Equipment Company could purchase the Pure Storage all-flash solution for the price of maintenance for the VMAX disk array.

Not all flash arrays are created equal. Pure Storage’s compression and inline deduplication technologies make them unique in terms of data reduction and flash performance, unlike other flash solutions.

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in savings over 6 years compared to their previous solution.


faster performance.


less data center space taken up by their storage.


less power consumed by their storage.


more capacity per watt.

The Benefit

By switching from an EMC VMAX solution to a Pure Storage M70 solution, the Semiconductor Equipment Company experienced savings in TCO, data center space, and power consumed. They were also able to get more capacity per watt and faster performance out of their new all-flash array.

A big part of the customer’s savings was due to the cost of maintenance. Increasing the number of apps you use, data you store, and analytics you run puts a strain on your storage systems. About every three years these systems need to be upgraded with new controllers, and a data migration process that is costly. With Pure Storage, it’s a non-disruptive process that includes free Storage controllers and a data in-place upgrade every 3 years.

Experience the savings of an all-flash array 

This chart shows the difference in the cost of maintenance per year between spinningdisk and flash. After the typical 3-year maintenance plan runs out, the maintenance renewal and the disruptive forklift renewal add cost and decrease productivity.