Strengthen your Digital Defense

In the current cybersecurity landscape,SOC Features organizations of all sizes must assume that they are under attack—they are either currently under active attack or their systems have already been compromised. 

Millions of warnings are produced by platforms, applications and numerous point solutions like antivirus (AV), intrusion detection system (IDS) / intrusion prevention system (IPS) and firewalls. Quality and speed of the response are essential to limit the impact on an organization.

For organizations looking to focus more on running their business than defending it, DataEndure’s Digital Defense SOCaaS expands their capabilities with the latest technology and deep expertise, enabling them to become less reactive and more resilient in an ever-evolving threat landscape—all without draining their IT resources and budget.

With the ability to aggregate logs, mine incidents and isolate and prioritize threats, DataEndure SOCCaaS can, in many cases, accelerate the time to detection by 80%. 

  • Improve Threat Detection and Response
  • Strengthen Your Security Quickly 
  • Complete Transparency
  • Pricing That Rewards Threat Reduction and Focuses on Business Outcomes 

DataEndure’s Digital Defense SOCaaS helps put your security on the offensive, with dedicated expertise and technology that significantly reduces your risk. 

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Defense-in-Depth Approach
defense in depth

DataEndure’s SOC-as-a-Service goes well beyond traditional managed security offerings by encompassing all of your Security & Compliance needs.

Between our SOC-as-a-Service offering, Security & Compliance and Information Management practices, organizations are able to achieve a Defense-in-Depth model. This coordinated and integrated use of four layers of security strengthens the overall integrity of your information assets.

To build a Defense-in-Depth model, these four layers of security are required:

1. Protect

2. Detect

3. Recover & Encrypt

4. Analyze & Manage

Aligning Security & Compliance
There is a fundamental expectation that organizations will have the ability to identify and respond to any cyber event. 

Where do you start and how do you best deploy resources on a budget?

In this 30 minute presentation, DataEndure CTO Shahin Pirooz explores a digital defense approach and provides actionable next steps. 

DataEndure Managed Compliance provides more than just traditional IT governance, risk, and compliance. Security and risk professionals use DataEndure to align their compliance programs with top business priorities, communicate the value of those programs to senior executives, and manage risks associated with security and compliance.