September 2022 TECH talk – The Cyber-insurance Landscape is Changing – Are you still Insurable?

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December 2021 TECH Talk – Top 3 Security Priorities (Replay) Are hackers at the top of your naughty list this year? If so, you’re not alone. Watch DataEndure’s December 2021 TECH talk with Vice President of Managed Security Services, Brian Moody as he discusses the importance of re-evaluating your security profile. He’s got his list of top 3 Security Priorities & he’s checking it […]

February 2022 TECH Talk – The Three Layers of Infrastructure Resilience Replay

At DataEndure, our focus is on Digital Resilience. More than a tools-centric approach, it is a business risk and resiliency strategy that combines Cyber Resilience and Infrastructure Resilience working together to provide the full scope of protection businesses require to be able to survive and thrive during any attack - providing reliable services to your […]

March 2022 TECH Talk – Strategies to Defend Against Shape Shifting Malware Replay

As if cyber-defense wasn’t difficult enough – try battling malware that constantly changes its identifiable features in order to evade detection. Polymorphic malware isn’t new; the first polymorphic virus dates back to 1989. But fast-changing polymorphic malware now makes up an overwhelmingly large percentage of the malware organizations face – updating itself with new definitions […]

April 2022 TECH Talk – SASE vs SSE – What’s the big deal? (…we promise you it’s more than a vowel)!

Just when you thought you were starting to fully understand SASE and its implications, Gartner has come out with another emerging security concept: Security Service Edge (SSE). Introduced in its 2021 Roadmap for SASE Convergence report, SSE was an output from broad market feedback that SASE was simply too complicated and intensive for most enterprises […]

CIO Visions Leadership Virtual Summit – July 2022

DataEndure continues its sponsorship of  CIO VISIONS Leadership Virtual Summit, an invitation-only IT executive summit happening on July 18th-22nd 2022. With over 30+ sessions available on demand and access to the brightest minds in IT, this solutions-based event is completely different from anything else happening virtually – and delivers tangible results and rewards!

July 2022 TECH Talk – How to fortify the modern network

With our hyper-dependency on data and access, there is a very low tolerance for error or disruption, and the distributed nature of our workforce makes “edgeless” networks an attractive and lucrative target for adversaries. Watch DataEndure’s July TECH talk as we discuss the evolving nature of the network, how it is essential to achieving infrastructure […]

September 2022 TECH talk – The Cyber-insurance Landscape is Changing – Are you still Insurable?

Cyberattacks continue to rise and many organizations — including those with mature cybersecurity programs — are looking to reduce their financial risk through cyber insurance. With reported claims rising by 100% annually in the past three years, and claims closed with payment growing by 200% annually over the same period, insurance entities have responded by becoming more selective about who and what gets covered.

Consequently, many insurance companies are expanding their minimum cybersecurity baseline requirements beyond general “best practices” to a higher level of maturity seen historically in only regulated industries.

Join DataEndure’s TECH talk where we’ll share market conditions, highlight security protocols that are now expected and discuss ways to reduce risk and keep your cybersecurity insurance premiums affordable.

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